Five on Friday vol. 12 – Five Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

With the holidays just around the corner, I wanted to share five ways to give back for today’s Five on Friday post. It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of the holidays season and forget the true meaning of the season – giving and community. Whether you choose to donate monetarily or donate your time this holiday season, giving back to your community will have a powerful impact! Here are a few ways to give back this holiday season. I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

ways to give back this holiday season

  1. VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME | You don’t always have to spend money in order to give back. The gift of your time can be just as valuable! Research your area and figure out the best place for you to volunteer. There are many opportunities to volunteer at places like food banks and soup kitchens as well as local organizations. The past few years Nick and I have worked with our local police station to wrap and deliver gifts and a Christmas meal to those in need. There is nothing better than the feeling of giving back, especially during the holiday season.
  2. VISIT A NURSING HOME | Often times families aren’t able to visit their family members who live in nursing homes often, so call one of your local nursing homes to schedule a visit. Bring cards & colorful decor to help brighten their day. You never know the conversations you will strike up while you’re there!
  3. ADOPT A CHILD OR FAMILY | There are many organizations that allow you to sponsor a child or a family for the holiday season. Salvation Army had their stockings at many locations in our area to help spread the word about adopting a child. We always have a great time shopping for children of different ages.
  4. DONATE TO THE ANIMAL SHELTERS | You can’t forget the puppies and kitties this holiday season! If you have extra unopened food, blankets, or towels donate them to your local shelter or humane society so they can go to animals in need! Many of the shelters need volunteers as well, so be sure to inquire about that if that’s something you’re interested in!
  5. TAKE FOOD TO THOSE WHO WORK HOLIDAYS | Those who work at places like police stations, fire departments, and hospitals often work long hours and don’t get to spend the holidays with their loved ones. If you’re making holiday treats this year make an extra batch to take to those who keep you safe! I promise they will appreciate it more than you know!

I would love to hear how you are giving back this season!

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  1. Kate wrote:

    I love giving back during the holidays! It’s such a beautiful time of year and everyone should be able to share in it.

    K A T E

    Posted 12.6.19 Reply
  2. Brianna Rooney wrote:

    Love all of this (And really love this wrapping paper)

    Posted 12.6.19 Reply
  3. Rach wrote:

    This is great! You have definitely given me an idea on giving back. I think I would like to adopt a child or family!

    Posted 12.6.19 Reply
  4. Lizzie wrote:

    I love all of these ideas! I always do a massive closet purge around this time and donate to our local homeless shelter. We usually adopt a family too! I’d love to find more time to volunteer for either the animal shelter or our local Dress for Success chapter.


    Posted 12.6.19 Reply
  5. Emely wrote:

    What great options for giving back. At work, we adopt a family and purchase items they need as well as toys for children

    Posted 12.6.19 Reply
  6. Morgan wrote:

    I used to visit a nursing home with my dance team every Christmas growing up! This reminds me I need to start doing that again!


    Posted 12.6.19 Reply
  7. Rebecca wrote:

    This is SUCH a great post and so important during the holidays!! xx Rebecca

    Posted 12.6.19 Reply
  8. Stephanie wrote:

    I went to our mechanic today, and realized that I’ve been going to him since I was a little girl with my family. He constantly has taken care of us (driving us home if we had to leave a vehicle, doing things “on the house” when we were going through tough times, etc.) and I think I’ll be baking him and his team a batch of cookies this holiday season. I know it’s not super specific to the Christmas world of postal service or retailers, buuut he works just as hard as anyone, making sure their cars are up to snuff for a drive to see their loved ones. I think he deserves some appreciation!

    Posted 12.6.19 Reply
  9. Amanda wrote:

    Love this! It’s so easy to get caught up in just buying for our own loved ones. We adopted a family for the first time this year, and it’s been so rewarding

    Posted 12.7.19 Reply
  10. Such a sweet post Emily! We adopted a sweet older lady and are cooking breakfast for room at the inn – at our church over the holidays. Very excited to give back and to do so with my husband – such a sweet way to connect!

    xo Laura Leigh

    Posted 12.9.19 Reply
  11. Kristina wrote:

    All great ideas on how to give back around the holidays. I love how some people have been leaving baskets of snacks/drinks for the delivery drivers this time of year!

    Posted 12.10.19 Reply
  12. Jami Ray wrote:

    Great ideas! Such a good time of year to refocus on our communities and not just gifts and shopping. The Angel Trees or adopt-a-child options are so easy to do if you’re already in the gift giving mode.

    Posted 12.10.19 Reply
  13. Giving back is so important! Especially around the holidays. I tend to get wrapped up in everything, but this is a great reminder to set my stuff aside and give back to those in need.

    Posted 12.11.19 Reply

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