Best Ways to Spend a Winter Day Inside

I’ll be the first to admit that winter is my least favorite season. But, there’s something to be said about spending cold winter days bundled up inside! In the winter I look forward to the moment when I can change into my pajamas and get cozy inside. Now that the holiday season chaos is mostly behind us, I’m looking forward to spending my days bundled up inside and focusing on self-care a bit! Today I’m sharing a few ways to spend a winter day inside!   

Best ways to spend a winter day inside

SPEND THE DAY IN PAJAMAS WATCHING MOVIES | Like I said above, there is nothing better than cozying up in my PJs at the end of the day! One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to stay in my PJs and have a movie marathon day, complete with my gravity blanket! I ordered new pajamas from Serena & Lily a few weeks ago and I can’t get over just how cozy they are! I’m a big fan of pajama sets and this flannel pair are so warm! They’re made with eco-friendly cotton from Portugal and the quality is so nice. I have worn them so often since getting them in the mail.

COZY UP WITH A GOOD BOOK | It’s no secret around here that I am an avid reader! One of my favorite forms of self-care is getting lost in a good book. I find that I read a lot more in the winter. Let’s face it, being out in the freezing cold isn’t appealing! I would much rather cozy up in my PJs with a good book instead! P.S. My December book review will bye up tomorrow!HAVE A SELF-CARE DAY | Winter can be a bit depressing for me (seasonal affective disorder, anyone?!) so I always like to make sure I am taking a bit of time for myself. Self-care comes in all forms – mental, physical, and emotional – and can affect many aspects of your life, even if you don’t realize it.  It’s important to take care of yourself, especially this time of year. A few of my favorite forms of self-care are reading a book, taking a bath, and getting a massage. A day of self-care equals a healthy and happy mind.

TRY A NEW RECIPE | Nick and I really enjoy cooking and trying new dishes! We love experimenting with new pastas, new crockpot meals, and sometimes baking something new. Winter is the perfect time try out a few new hearty recipes you have bookmarked in your cookbook! Nothing better than a comfort meal, especially when it’s cold out!

UNPLUG FOR THE DAY | It feels like I am always attached to my phone, so unplugging is sometimes necessary. Unplugging from my phone and social media is a great way to “reset” and focus on being productive and the things that matter most!

GET ORGANIZED | Sometimes I get a bit of “cabin fever” in the winter. If I don’t want to venture out, I like to go through our house and organize it! It makes me feel productive, I get rid of unnecessary items that we have accumulated & I love the feeling of an organized home!

how do you like to spend winter days?

This post is in partnership with Serena & Lily. All thoughts, writing & styling are my own. 

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  1. Genevieve wrote:

    This looks perfect, Emily! I also look forward to hearing your thoughts on Big Lies in a Small Town…I love Diane Chamberlain’s writing so much.

    Posted 1.7.20 Reply
    • Emily wrote:

      I adore Diane Chamberlain, too! I especially love the North Carolina references! This book should be in my January book review post at the end of the month! xx

      Posted 1.7.20 Reply
  2. Caitlin Houston wrote:

    I love cooking a new dish when its cold outside!@

    Posted 1.7.20 Reply
  3. Hillary Conheady wrote:

    Now this is my kind of post!! I definitely need to take advantage of this upcoming weekend to relax and unplug! Totally needed every now and then!

    Posted 1.7.20 Reply
  4. Will be spending LOTS of wintry days at home here in New York so I love this post. Thanks for all the great ideas! xoxo, Sarah

    Posted 1.7.20 Reply
  5. Rachel Martin wrote:

    Winter is my least favorite, too! I seriously avoid spending time outside as much as possible. Love a good day cozied up with a good book!


    Posted 1.7.20 Reply
  6. Carrington Barfield wrote:

    These honestly sound so fun to me! I love staying inside in my PJ’s when it’s cold outside, especially if it’s cold and rainy! Literally nothing better to me! Xx.

    Posted 1.7.20 Reply
  7. Lizzie wrote:

    Love those cozy PJs and adore these ideas! Saving this post for future reference <3


    Posted 1.7.20 Reply
  8. tanvi wrote:

    It is snowing outside – I wish I was home right now 🙂 Love the tips.

    Posted 1.7.20 Reply
  9. Stephanie Whitman wrote:

    These are all things that I’ve been attempting to do for myself this winter. I’ll be honest, I LOVE the winter – the cold is truly spectacular when you hate the heat as much as I do haha. But I will say that the rainy, dreary weather can bring me down sometimes, so finding ways to make the most of it is great!

    Posted 1.7.20 Reply
  10. Azanique Rawl wrote:

    I love unplugging for the day and catching up a good book. I did that so much over the holidays and it was relaxing for my soul.

    Posted 1.7.20 Reply
  11. kileen wrote:

    Love this post babe! Love cozy days in on a cold day, trying out a recipe and getting organized is my fave!


    Posted 1.8.20 Reply
  12. Kristina wrote:

    Winter is my least favorite too girl… other than the holidays and skiing lol. Love those pillows too!

    Posted 1.11.20 Reply

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