Our next chapter…we’re having a baby!!!

Over the past nine years I have been lucky to share a lot of my life here with you guys! I have shared a lot of big moments here, including our engagement storyour wedding & buying our first home. And it’s with the biggest smile on my face and a grateful heart that I share our next milestone with you all… becoming parents!

That’s right, we have a baby on the way! Baby Wilkinson is due in July and we’re already counting down to the arrival of our first child! Words can’t describe just how excited we are for this next adventure! It still feels a bit surreal, but we are so, so grateful for this blessing.

We found out that we were expecting in November and I don’t think the smile has left my face ever since!! I’m now 15 weeks pregnant and in my second trimester. I feel like I have been living a secret life these last 15 weeks as we navigated the first trimester! This has been one of the hardest but most exciting secrets to keep, so I’m happy that I can finally share with you! I’m really looking forward to documenting this next chapter in our lives as we await his or her arrival!

There is so much to catch you up on, so I will be sharing a more in-depth blog post next week, but I couldn’t keep y’all out of the loop any longer! In the meantime, if you have any questions, let me know & I’ll be sure to answer them in that post! I am so happy to be able to share bits of our next chapter in this space and I am incredibly thankful for your endless support!

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  1. Francene M Katzen wrote:

    Congratulations Emily & Nick!!!!!! I am so happy for you all! Know you will make such wonderful parents. So excited to follow you all on this journey. Being a parent is one of the most wonderful parts of life. xo

    Posted 1.28.20 Reply
  2. Olga wrote:

    I had a feeling!!! Congratulations, what an exciting time!


    Posted 1.28.20 Reply
  3. Annaliese wrote:

    Awww congratulations Emily!! How exciting as y’all embark on the next chapter!

    xoxo A

    Posted 1.28.20 Reply
  4. Rach wrote:

    Congratulations!! This is so exciting! I can’t wait to follow along

    Posted 1.28.20 Reply
  5. Jess wrote:

    Congratulations! So so happy for you!!

    Posted 1.28.20 Reply
  6. Kristina wrote:

    Congratulations girl!! Enjoy this journey- it really is the best!

    Posted 1.28.20 Reply
  7. Rachel wrote:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited to see the both of you become parents!!


    Posted 1.28.20 Reply
  8. Connie Corey wrote:

    I am so excited for you both! Esp. your parents they are going to be wonderful grandparents…trust me nothing better!

    Posted 1.28.20 Reply
  9. Genevieve wrote:

    Such wonderful news! Congratulations! <3

    Posted 1.28.20 Reply
  10. Tami wrote:

    Congratulations! Wish you all the happiness. Such an exciting chapter in your life now.

    Posted 1.28.20 Reply
  11. Lee wrote:

    Congratulations Emily!! SO excited for you both. <3

    Posted 1.28.20 Reply
  12. Stephanie wrote:

    I’m so incredibly happy for you! What a beautiful, wonderful time of your life. I’m looking forward to following along as you share this new chapter! Congratulations!

    Posted 1.28.20 Reply
  13. Kileen wrote:

    Congratulations!! That is so exciting! So happy for you mama!!


    Posted 1.29.20 Reply
  14. Caitlin Houston wrote:

    SO amazing! Congrats!!!! It is so fun to be able to document all of the life changes on our blogs and then look back on them years later. Welcome to the parenthood club!

    Posted 1.29.20 Reply
  15. Congratulations…what an exciting time! Enjoy every step of it!

    Posted 1.29.20 Reply
  16. Lizzie wrote:

    Aww congrats on the new addition!!! So happy and excited for you. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy <3


    Posted 1.29.20 Reply
  17. lyddiegal wrote:

    A huge congrats! I’m sure you are going to be amazing parents!

    Posted 1.30.20 Reply
  18. Marisa wrote:

    Congratulations! I audibly gasped when I read this. I’m just a blogger fan, but so excited for you both as parents. I’m also so excited for all your amazing tips and tricks as you navigate motherhood with this blog.

    Posted 1.30.20 Reply
  19. maynardamanda wrote:

    This is so exciting! Congratulations on your new chapter.

    Posted 1.30.20 Reply
  20. Anna English wrote:

    Congrats to you two! What an exciting time. Sending you lots of well wishes during this new chapter!

    Posted 1.31.20 Reply
  21. Caley wrote:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! So so happy for you Em x

    Posted 1.31.20 Reply
  22. Darleen wrote:

    Best news! So excited for you and this new chapter in your life!

    Posted 2.1.20 Reply
  23. Meg wrote:

    How exciting! OMG! I’m so happy for you guys. Congratulations!

    Posted 2.4.20 Reply

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