Must Have Baby Registry Items

This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY. All thoughts are my own. 

It’s crazy to think that baby Wilkinson will be here in three months or less! We have been busy prepping for baby, working on his nursery and researching everything we will need to have on hand once he arrives! As a first time mom, the thought of everything you need for the baby can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many brands, so many options and so many reviews to sort through that it can feel like a never ending process.

We decided to register at buybuy BABY because they are a one stop shop for everything baby related! We originally were looking forward to going in store to register and see everything first hand, but due to COVID we decided to do everything online for the time being. Luckily, buybuy Baby’s website has so many helpful resources and registry tools that made it easy to compare and narrow down which items would make the cut!

When we found out we were expecting a lot of our friends shared their baby must-haves with us. I kept a running list so that when the time came to register I could refer back to that and make decisions! It was really helpful that buybuy Baby carried almost every brand and item so I could easily read others reviews, see what other options there were and see what items were “registry favorites.” I also am so appreciative of all the registry suggestions from this post on instagram (y’all are the best!) As a first time mom, having recommendations from friends, family & registry resources was SO helpful. I’ll be sure to share what we end up using & liking after the baby is born!

Today I’m excited to share our baby registry with you! I’m hoping this comprehensive list will be helpful for other moms-to-be and can act as a resource for those TTC to refer back to later! So let’s go ahead and get started… 

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newborn essentials

  1. SWADDLE ME SWADDLES | Keep your baby comfortable in a womblike setting while they sleep! I have heard these are WAY easier than using a swaddle blanket!
  2. BURT’S BEES BABY BLANKETS | These baby blankets are organic and so cozy! Perfect to use as receiving blankets, for tummy time, or getting newborn cuddles!
  3. BURT’S BEES BABY MITTENS | These are great to have for newborns to prevent self-scratching and keeping their hands warm.
  4. DIAPERS | I think we will end up trying a few different diapers to see what works best for our baby, but to start we’re going with the tried-and-true Pampers! Make sure you register for assorted sizes since they grow so quickly.
  5. WIPES | I have heard these wipes are really gentle for newborn skin.
  6. SOCKS | Keep their toesies warm! Make sure you order assorted sizes in these, including newborn and 3-12m!
  7. ZIPPERED SLEEPERS | One of the best tips I got from friends is to make sure they only sleep in zippered sleepers – nothing is worse than a 2am diaper change with sleepers that have all those snaps!
  8. BABY SHUSHER | A short-term way to sooth a fussy baby! It has a 15 or 30 minute timer.
  9. BOPPY NEWBORN LOUNGER | I have heard this is a game changer for those newborn days. It’s compact, affordable and keeps the baby’s head elevated a bit.
  10. HONEST ALL-PURPOSE BALM | This balm helps soothe dry, sensitive newborn skin.
  11. BURT’S BEES BABY ONESIES | Newborns will live in onesies for the first little bit – so make sure you register for them in assorted sizes!
  12. WUBBANUB PACIFIER | This pacifier helps keep it close by and provides a little lovey for them to hold onto!
  13. ORGANIZATIONAL BASKETS | Get to nesting by organizing everything into baskets & drawers! I have a few baskets of swaddles and bibs – they can easily be transferred downstairs if needed!
  14. BURT’S BEES BABY SLEEP GOWNS | Help keep your newborn warm with this sleep gown. Bonus: they make for easy mid-night diaper changes!
  15. BURT’S BEES BABY BURP CLOTHS | These organic burp cloths are super absorbent.
  16. PACIFIER CLIP | To keep your pacifiers from going missing!
  17. BABY’S FIRST YEAR BOOK | I have heard the newborn days go by so quickly… I already have a memory book where I can document all of those firsts!

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baby gear

  1. BOPPY NURSING PILLOW | The Boppy nursing pillow is great for it’s namesake, nursing, but also works well to help support the baby when holding them, too! I have used this pillow when holding friend’s babies and it does make a difference!
  2. DOCK-A-TOT | The Dock-A-Tot is a must have on registries because it’s great for lounging, tummy time & supervised naps.
  3. 4MOMS MAMAROO SWING | All of my friends swear by this swing, so I’m listening to them ha!
  4. WRAP BABY CARRIER | These baby wrap carriers are a great way to sooth your baby & get stuff done while you carry them!
  5. BABYBJORN BOUNCER | I have heard this is a great bouncer because it offers different inclines, depending on the age of your baby! You can also add toy bars too it to keep your little one entertained.
  6. BUMBO SEAT | The bumbo seat is great for babies who can sit up on their own. You can even buy a tray for it, making it a great on-the-go chair!
  7. FISHER PRICE SIT ME UP SEAT | I had so many people recommend the Fisher Price sit me up seat because their kids loved it! It encourages motor skill development and easily collapses so you can take it with you!
  8. BABYBJORN BABY CARRIER | BabyBjorn has a mini & regular sized carrier, depending on your height & stature. You can wear the baby front facing or rear facing for optimal comfort.


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nursery + decor

  1. HALO PREMIERE BASSINEST | We knew we wanted a bassinet in our room for the first few months and really liked all the features the Halo premiere bassinest offered. It swivels so you don’t have to get out of bed & features different sounds and vibration modes to keep baby feeling soothed.
  2. UBBI DIAPER PAIL | This is the diaper pail that was recommended most. You don’t have to use special bags for this one, which is a bonus!
  3. HATCH REST SOUND MACHINE | All of our friends said this sound machine was a must have for babies and toddlers alike, so we immediately added it to our registry! You can control the sounds and the night light right from your phone.
  4. OXO WIPE DISPENSER | This dispenser keeps your wipes fresh and within reach for when you need them!
  5. VELVET BABY HANGERS | To hang all of the cute outfits!
  6. BURT’S BEES BABY CRIB SHEET | We just got this in and it’s a really soft, organic material. We registered for 4 of them plus waterproof covers, too!
  7. CHANGING PAD | A must have for any nursery. Don’t forget to get changing pad covers and a few washable or water resistant covers too!
  8. DIAPER CADDY | Keep all of your diaper changing essentials organized and close by with a diaper caddy. A few people recommended having at least two of these if you have a two story home! We plan on having one in his nursery, in our bedroom and one downstairs.
  9. FRIDABABY HUMIDIFIER | This acts as a humidifier, diffuser & night light all in one!
  10. BASKETS | I have an assortment of baskets in his nursery for everything including toys, books, blankets, etc.
  11. 4-IN-1 CONVERTIBLE CRIB | We really liked this crib – it had great reviews, was relatively easy to put together & liked that it is convertible through toddler years.
  12. INFANT OPTICS MONITOR | A few friends suggested the Infant Optics monitor & after doing our research that’s what we decided on. I knew I wanted a monitor that had it’s own monitor (and I didn’t have to rely on my phone as the monitor) and I was really weary about getting a monitor that connected to Wifi, so this one fit the bill. You can order additional cameras for it, too!
  13. CHANGING PAD COVER | This one is organic cotton and so soft. Don’t forget to add a few of these to your registry in case of accidents!
  14. GLIDER + OTTOMAN | So excited to spend time rocking our little one in this glider while I feed or soothe him!

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bath time

  1. ANGELCARE BATHTUB | This bathtub is great for newborns and infants!
  2. DUCK TEMPERATURE CHECK | Make sure your baby has the perfect temperature water to bathe in!
  3. SKIP*HOP BATH TIME ESSENTIALS KIT | This has everything you need for the perfect bath time!
  4. BURT’S BEES BABY ROBE | Keep your little one stylish & warm after bath time in this robe.
  5. SKIP*HOP SPOUT COVER | Make sure your baby is protected with this spout cover. It will prevent them from hitting their head or touching a warm spout.
  6. HOODED TOWEL | Is there anything cuter than a baby in a hooded towel?!?
  7. WASHCLOTHS | These organic washcloths are so soft and will be gentle on the baby during bath time.
  8. HONEST BATH TIME KIT | This kit has everything you will need for bath time, including shampoo, body wash & lotion in a lavender scent!

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nursing + feeding

  1. BABY BREZZA STERILIZER | An easy one-step way to sterilizer and dry your bottles, packs & breast pump parts.
  2. COMOTOMO BOTTLES | I know we will get a few different bottle brands to have on hand to try, but for now we have purchased the Comotomo bottle set because I’ve heard this brand is great for breast-to-bottle transition.
  3. BOPPY NURSING PILLOW | This pillow helps to make sure your little one is supported while nursing.
  4. BOON PACIFIERS | We got the Boon pacifiers to try out because they are silicone and the shape helps encourage correct tongue placement and free jaw movement.
  5. SPECTRA BREAST PUMP | After doing a lot of research I decided to go with the Spectra breast pump because of it’s closed system and ability to use on the go. I actually got this one for free through my insurance, so if you’re expecting definitely check with your insurance to see if they offer a free pump to expecting moms!
  6. HAAKAA PUMP | This compact pump is ideal for on the go and to get the extra milk after pumping or feeding. This was recommended to me by at least 30 people on IG stories!
  7. BIBS | We ordered these bibs after hearing that velcro bibs were a pain. These go right over the head, making them easy on & off.
  8. MEDELA QUICK CLEAN WIPES | These wipes are perfect to keep in your diaper bag so that you can easily clean breast pump parts when on the go.
  9. OXO HIGH CHAIR | This high chair is durable and can easily grow with your child because it has 3 height positions. Those who have it says it’s really easy to clean, too!
  10. OXO BOTTLE CLEANER | This is the ideal tool to clean bottles with!
  11. MEDELA QUICK CLEAN STERILIZING BAGS | If you plan to breastfeed make sure to have these on your registry so you can easily clean your pumping parts. Each bag can be used up to 20 times. I had numerous people recommend these.
  12. BOON DRYING “LAWN” | Great spot to keep all of your feeding items while they’re drying.
  13. SILICONE BIBS | These silicone bibs are for when your little one is a bit older and is transitioning to solids! The pocket helps to catch food and make clean up easy!
  14. INFANT TRAINING UTENSIL SET | This set are great for baby’s learning to use utensils. They are easy to grip and have a ventilated guard to prevent choking.
  15. INFANT BOWL | This is a placemat and bowl combo that makes eating and clean up easy!

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health + safety

  1. FRIDABABY BASICS KIT | The Fridababy basics kit will help you keep your baby clean from head to toe. The kit comes with the nose aspirator, nail clippers, gas passer, and skin soother brush.
  2. AQUAPHOR BABY OINTMENT | A great ointment to have on hand for all of your baby’s skin needs. Helps soothe burned or irritated skin.
  3. BOOGIE WIPES | These are made with natural saline and offer a quick, gentle relief from stuffy noses!
  4. FRIDABABY NOSE FRIDA SALINE SPRAY | This gentle saline formula helps clear your baby’s nostrils gently.
  5. FRIDABABY MEDI-FRIDA PACI | Giving your baby medicine just got easier with the medi-frida Paci!
  6. DREFT LAUNDRY DETERGENT | The #1 newborn laundry detergent that keeps that delicious newborn scent going! Make sure you have everything washed before baby arrives!
  7. FRIDABABY THERMOMETER | Get an accurate temperature for your baby in just 10 seconds!
  8. BOUDREAUX’S BUTTPASTE | helps treat diaper rash quickly!
  9. DESTIN OINTMENT | This is another ointment to have for diaper rash. I recommend getting a few different brands to see which works best for your baby.
  10. GRIPE WATER | this formula aids in helping upset stomachs, ease digestion, and calming an upset tummy.
  11. DAPPLE BOTTLE & DISH SOAP | This dish soap is specially designed to get rid of protein, calcium & buildup from breastmilk and formula.
  12. FRIDABABY BREATHE EASY KIT | This kit has everything you’ll need to keep baby breathing easy! These items help get rid of mucus and stuffy noses quickly!


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  1. UPPABABY VISTA V2 STROLLER | I have had my eye on this stroller for the longest time. It’s a great stroller from birth & can fit with a growing family as well. It comes with a bassinet for newborns and then a regular seat for once they are bigger. The features of this stroller are endless & I can’t wait to take baby boy on walks in this!
  2. SKIP*HOP STROLLER TOY | Keep your little one engaged and entertained when traveling!
  3. UPPABABY MESA CAR SEAT | This is the carseat we are going with after a lot of research! It’s under 10lbs, is compatible with our stroller and is easy to install.
  4. OXO ON-THE-GO WIPE DISPENSER | Keep wipes with you whether you’re strolling, traveling or anytime are in need of them quickly!
  5. BABY BJORN PLAYARD | This playard is easy to set up and take on the go with you.
  6. CAR BACKSEAT MIRROR | Keep a watch on your little one in the backseat with this mirror.
  7. BABY SHUSHER | This soothing portable noise machine is great for on-the-go with 15 & 30 minute timers.
  8. MINI FAN | a mini fan will come in handy on walks since we are having a summer baby!
  9. COPPER PEARL MULTI USE COVER | This multi use cover is great for protecting your baby from the elements and as a cover while nursing.

buybuy BABY registry benefits

One of the reasons we decided to register at buybuy BABY is because all of the registry benefits that are included. You can easily add items to your registry from desktop or their app. Their website has endless sources to provide the best choices for your family. I really loved seeing the registry favorites to see what other moms were adding to their registry. Once you have created your registry it’s easy to keep track of your items. Your registry dashboard includes thank you tools to ensure a thank you note has been sent for each gift, a registry analyzer to make sure you have each section covered within your registry, and even lets you know if something has been discontinued so you can switch it out for something else. A few other benefits include 15% off the remaining items on your registry so you can make sure you have everything you need before your baby arrives!

Thanks to buybuy Baby for partnering for this post. All thoughts & writing are my own. 

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