Second Trimester Recap + Q&A

As I enter the third trimester of pregnancy, I’m sharing a recap of the second trimester! See my first trimester here
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second trimester recap

The second trimester felt like it flew by for me. It’s crazy to think I have 12 weeks (or less!) to go until we’re meeting our baby boy. I totally get why people say the second trimester is the “easy” trimester. I felt less sleepy and groggy and a lot more like my normal self! It was so nice to feel more reassured, less anxious, and to get to experience some of the joys of pregnancy this trimester. A few notable moments included our anatomy scan and finding out we were having a boy, feeling him kick for the first time, and having Nick experience him kicking for the first time! There’s truly nothing like sharing those moments and that joy with your partner! Now baby boy is moving like crazy in there all throughout the day. At night we take the time to talk to him, listen to lullabies, and watch my belly as he moves around. It’s one of my favorite parts about the end of the day 🙂Even though the second trimester was great, it wasn’t without struggles too. I could have never in a million years imagined that I would be pregnant with my first child during a pandemic. Along with the normal stressors that come with pregnancy, COVID-19 brought about all kinds of stress, unknowns, and a whirlwind of emotions. As a first time mom I was so excited to get to experience all the “firsts” like baby showers, sharing in the excitement with family/friends, having Nick attend appointments with me, and introducing our son to our families at the hospital. Little did I know when I entered the second trimester that everything we envisioned would change in the blink of an eye.

The past 8+ weeks have been tough, especially mentally. I have had my fair share of bad days and meltdowns over the unknowns and grieving everything we are missing out on. It’s weird to have these feelings of gratitude that I’m carrying the biggest blessing while also being disappointed that it’s not how we envisioned it. On my bad days I have allowed myself to wallow in it a bit and understand that those two feelings can go hand in hand. On the good days I have celebrated those and soaked in all the happiness! I know there are a lot of other expecting moms having these exact feelings – so take solace in knowing we’re all in this together!! I’m beyond happy to know that we have a healthy baby and he will be here before we know it! Ok, onto the Q&A…       

second trimester q&a

how are you feeling? any symptoms you have had?

I feel really lucky that I have felt great for most of my pregnancy! The first trimester wasn’t too bad (read my first trimester recap) and I have felt pretty “normal” throughout my second trimester! My first trimester I had really bad, debilitating headaches but by about 18 or 19 weeks those subsided, thank goodness. I have had a lot more energy this trimester, even though baby boy has been giving me bouts of insomnia.

My symptoms have differed between the two trimesters though. My carpal tunnel has really flared up and at least one or two days a week I have to take a break from being on my computer all day because it’s so painful. I literally had no idea that pregnancy could make it worse until I asked my doctor about it & she provided me with a couple of articles! I have also started having some back pain the last two weeks or so… I’m sure that’s here to stay!

what’s been the hardest part of the second trimester?

Honestly, the hardest part of the second trimester hasn’t had anything to do with the pregnancy itself! The hardest part has been having to attend appointments by myself since Nick can’t accompany me and not being able to see my family. I really enjoyed Nick being able to attend appointments with me because not only did it help ease my nerves but it was nice to have him there to experience everything – from ultrasounds to heartbeat checks – together. Not being able to see our families has also been very difficult because it’s such an exciting time and since this is our first child & first grandchild (on Nick’s side and my mom’s side) it’s sad that we can’t share it with them. We send weekly updates & lots of photos, but it’s still not the same! Some days you just want to catch up with your family and get a hug, ya know?

how much weight have you gained?

Last week I had an appointment and I weighed in at 124 pounds. I weighed roughly 113 when I became pregnant, so I have gained about 10 pounds so far. I’m not really focused on how much weight I’m gaining though. I’m trying to remain healthy and active while also providing the nutrients for the baby… ok fine, and occasional “bad” snack for me! 🙂 I’ve definitely had a few moments where I have looked in the mirror and been a bit uncomfortable with my changing body, but I think that’s fairly normal. I try to remind myself that my body is doing the most important job of growing a human and changes are to be expected. I found this weight gain calculator to be really helpful in figuring out if I’m gaining too much or too little weight.

when did you really start showing?

It’s really hard to pinpoint a specific week that I started showing. My jeans stopped buttoning from being really bloated around week 13 & my belly “popped” around week 19 and it’s just been growing steadily ever since! Nowadays, the shirts that used to fit me oversized fit more like normal shirts and other shirts are slowly turning into crop tops haha!

what are some items you have been craving? Any aversions?

I haven’t had too many crazy cravings during this pregnancy. Every night before bed I have a bowl of Special K red berries cereal or Chobani greek yogurt with granola otherwise I wake up in the middle of the night so hungry. I also have been craving sweets non-stop, which is normally not the case for me. I typically prefer salty snacks to sweet ones, so this has been new to me ha! For snacks I have really enjoyed smoothies, fruit and cucumbers.

I still haven’t had any aversions, other than eggs early on in pregnancy! There have been a few occasions where the smell of eggs has turned my stomach recently (usually if Nick is making an over easy egg for breakfast!) but he just eats it in the other room so I don’t gag haha!

biggest pregnancy pet peeve?

Since I have been quarantined I feel like I have gotten lucky that I haven’t experienced some of the “normal” pregnancy things that bother people – like others touching your belly, commenting on your body, etc. However, one thing that has driven me a bit crazy is the unwarranted advice from complete strangers. I have had my fair share of unwarranted advice that I have had to let go in one ear and out the other!. I know most people mean well, but it’s funny hearing things I absolutely should or should not do when they don’t know me! This even happened when I was getting my nails done and I didn’t even know how to reply to her “advice” ha!

Another thing that’s a bit of a pet peeve is all of the “just you wait” comments. Anytime someone has started a sentence with that, I know it’s inevitably going to bother me. Whether it’s about an uncomfortable pregnancy symptom or telling me horror stories about labor & delivery, toddler years, etc. it just never comes off as positive when a sentence starts with “just you wait…” Everyone’s pregnancy is different and a little positivity goes a long way!

do you ideas for the nursery yet?

Yes! We are working on the nursery now! You can see our nursery inspiration in this blog post. Things are slowly coming along! Most of our furniture has been delivered, aside from our glider and we are slowly working on getting things organized! We painted his room this past weekend and now we’re just waiting for my dad to come up and help us with adding the bead board to the wall! We have had to do things a bit out of sorts due to the stay at home order and certain things not shipping at all, but we’re making it work! I’m so excited to see it all come together!

do you have a name picked out for baby boy?

We do! We have actually had a first and middle name picked out for a boy and a girl for about 2-ish years now! We are keeping it between the two of us until he is born and we can’t wait to share it with family, friends & you guys then! It’s been really sweet to talk to him and use his name every day – but we have had to be SO careful not to slip up ha! I have gotten a few questions about why we aren’t sharing his name & it’s mainly because we don’t want anyone else’s opinions. We are happy with his name and don’t want people trying to change our mind or sharing their thoughts about it leading up to his birth, simple as that!

what maternity items have you purchased?

Well, not as much as I thought I would have so far! I have been living in these leggings and these tees. Since we have been in quarantine for 8+ weeks and I haven’t left the house I haven’t felt the need to buy much since I’m not going anywhere! I would like to get a pair of white maternity denim and a pair of denim shorts though since those are staples during summer for me.

are you using a pregnancy pillow yet?

Up until now I have not used a pregnancy pillow, I have just been using a pillow between my legs at night (which I did pre-pregnancy). During my last visit my doctor suggested that I get one due to some of the symptoms I was describing – like carpal tunnel, lower back pain, etc. I think I’m going to order this pregnancy pillow to try out! I like that it has a detachable side so it can be C shaped or U shaped!

what items have you purchased for the baby?

Baby boy’s room is slowly getting filled with all kinds of stuff! We have been lucky enough to have friends and family members send us some things from our registry on top of the items we have purchased! You can see our buybuy Baby registry here & our Amazon registry here. A few things we have purchased include:

Halo Bassinest Premiere bassinet
Hatch Rest sound machine and night light
FridaBaby Baby Basics kit
Onesies, bibs & burp cloths from Burt’s Bees Baby
SwaddleMe wearable swaddles
Comotomo bottles

any pregnancy/baby books that you have read & recommend?

I have really enjoyed Expecting Better by Emily Oster. A lot of the book is data-driven and it made me feel a lot more comfortable and less fearful about pregnancy. You hear so many things you “shouldn’t” do during pregnancy but aren’t ever sure the reasoning behind why, and I liked that her book gave really great explanations about everything (from taking baths to drinking caffeine, etc.) and made me feel reassured! I am still drinking my daily cup of coffee (under 200mg) and I still take my nightly baths, but they’re no longer piping hot or quite as long as they used to be! I plan to read Cribsheet next in preparation for baby’s arrival.

I also really like the Mayo Clinic’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. It was nice to have such a thorough resource for week-to-week updates, a guide to different forms of childbirth & a source that answered a lot of questions with data-driven studies by doctors. I did NOT like What to Expect When You’re Expecting – I found it to be kind of preachy and honestly a little bit of a “scare tactic” in ways, so I was happy to find the Mayo Clinic!

A few people have suggested Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding and The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, so I will likely order those shortly!

are you still having a baby shower due to COVID?

Our baby shower was originally scheduled for this coming weekend, but we postponed it as soon as we received the stay at home order in March. Realistically things aren’t going to be safe enough to have a traditional baby shower before my due date in July, so our parents got creative and will be hosting a “drive by, drop off” shower in June for us! I’m looking forward to seeing friends & family from a distance and getting to shower baby Wilkinson with love the best we can! We plan to hopefully have some sort of sip & see once baby arrives and it’s safe to do so.

what online baby classes did you take or find to take?

Nick and I were both really bummed that our hospital tour and birthing classes got cancelled, but luckily there are so many online resources out there right now! A few that I have found:

TinyHood is offering a free breastfeeding class with video and PDF files right now. I signed up for this one because I feel clueless when it comes to breastfeeding! Once you sign up you have access to the classes, so I can’t wait to go through them.
Moms on Call was highly recommended by so many people. We registered for the 0-6 month classes and those also include PDFs and FAQs you can refer back to! I think after doing this we will feel a lot more ready.
Virtual Hospital Tours are being offered at our hospital, so I plan to do that shortly. Our women’s hospital just opened in February and Nick got to tour it back in 2019, so I feel good that he at least has seen it and knows where to go!
Taking Cara Babies was another highly recommended newborn course to take. They offer classes, e-courses and phone consults!
Spinning Babies was suggested to me and their website is a wealth of knowledge! I feel like I have learned so much just by browsing through their site.
Hypnobirthing offers online resources for birthing, parents-to-be and breastfeeding.
LaMaze has endless resources on their website along with online classes, too!

what are the best ways to support a mother-to-be in these unique times?

I’m really glad someone asked this question because it’s one that is important! Honestly, just reaching out to check in on them is a great way to support a mom-to-be right now. Since many of us are taking extra precautions and quarantining (I haven’t been anywhere other than neighborhood walks and the doctor in 9 weeks!) it can feel very, very lonely. Even simply texting them to ask how they’re doing and checking in on them can feel very supportive and make a big difference. Every day brings emotional changes between the uncertainty combined with pregnancy hormones – some days are great while others are awful! If you can, try to schedule a phone date, a zoom gathering or surprise them with something off of their baby registry to remind them that you’re there for them and supporting them will go a long way! We have had friends and family members drop off lunch to us, pay for our take out, and buy items off of our registry “just because” and each time it has totally made our day!

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  1. Lizzie wrote:

    You look so cute and happy! Loved this update! So sorry about the baby shower though – that’s a bummer 🙁 I love the idea your parents have though. Hopefully you can all celebrate together when this is over <3


    Posted 4.28.20 Reply
  2. Oh my gosh, this dress! All the fire emojis and heart eyes, but I’m on my laptop and don’t know how to do that… haha

    I can’t wait for the nursery reveal and to find out little man’s name. We’re doing the same thing with the boy name options we have. I only like A girl name so we have shared that because no one is changing my mind haha.

    I love that you have taken some solace in Expecting Better… that book has helped me immensely these last few weeks.


    Posted 4.28.20 Reply
  3. You look gorgeous and I 100% need to steal that dress from you! Can’t wait for our baby boys to be best friends! Charleston trip anyone?

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    Posted 4.28.20 Reply
  4. rebecca p wrote:

    I can only imagine how hard it is to be pregnant right now, but you are so lucky to be bringing new life into the world! Wishing you a safe and healthy third trimester!

    Posted 4.28.20 Reply
  5. Carrington wrote:

    You look so happy! This info is all really insightful – thank you so much for sharing!! Congrats again!! Xx.

    Posted 4.28.20 Reply
  6. Naiomi wrote:

    The second trimester is a fun one. 🙂 At least that’s how I remember it. The morning sickness was gone at that point and that’s what I was mostly thankful for. I love your nursery ideas.


    Posted 4.28.20 Reply
  7. Kileen wrote:

    You are looking so gorgeous mama! This was such a fun recap to read and so great to hear you’re doing well!

    cute & little

    Posted 4.29.20 Reply
  8. The pregnancy is looking great on you! Looks like it’s going great so far despite the current situation of Covid. Hoping your third trimester is just as good! xoxo, Sarah

    Posted 4.29.20 Reply
  9. Mollie wrote:

    You’re absolutely glowing!! Love that dress too! Not long to go now!

    xx Mollie

    Posted 4.29.20 Reply
  10. Laura Leigh wrote:

    I could not be more in love with this dress on your bump! The absolute cutest! I am so sorry about your baby shower – that stinks. I hate it for all mamas to be right now. Hope you get to celebrate with friends when we’re all able to visit each other again.

    xo Laura Leigh

    Posted 4.29.20 Reply
  11. Rachel wrote:

    You look amazing, Emily! I’m so happy to hear things are going well for you, minus the stressors of COVID-19!


    Posted 4.29.20 Reply
  12. Mariah Rickard wrote:

    I’m so sorry you’re having to miss out on things. My heart totally has gone out to those pregnant and engaged during this crazy time.


    Posted 4.29.20 Reply
  13. Can’t wait to hear what his name is!! You look so beautiful and really love this dress!

    Posted 4.29.20 Reply
  14. Stephanie wrote:

    I have to first comment on your dress, because I am in LOVE with it! Seriously beautiful! And I’m also glad that your second trimester was filled with more positive things as far as your pregnancy goes. However, I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with the changes the virus has made to our community as you’re going through your pregnancy. I know that’s got to be incredibly difficult. Sending you lots of love and prayers that the remaining time is filled with joy and good memories!

    Posted 4.29.20 Reply
  15. Greta wrote:

    I can’t believe you’re already in your second trimester! You look great doll!

    Posted 4.30.20 Reply
  16. Anna English wrote:

    I love the subtle mix of colors in this dress! You look stunning.

    Posted 5.4.20 Reply

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