How We’re Prepping For Baby

It’s certainly true what they say about nesting to get ready for baby! We have spent the last few weeks and months getting everything ready for our baby’s arrival. From making his nursery perfect to ordering all the necessary items, we have been working over time to make sure we are prepped and ready for baby! Since we’re less than two weeks away from his arrival, today I wanted to share how we’re prepping our home for baby (and visitors!) in partnership with Scottie’s Tissues.

How We’re Prepping for Baby

DECLUTTER & ORGANIZE | First things first, we went room by room in order to declutter and organize each space. There is nothing better than getting rid of unnecessary items and making each space more functional and usable. It’s nice knowing that everything has it’s own spot in every room and we won’t be having to search high and low for something when we need it!

CREATE STATIONS | This one is SO important when it comes to prepping your home for baby. All of my friends suggested that we create “stations” throughout our home where we spend the most time, like the living room and our bedroom. Each station is stocked with snacks for me, everything we need for diaper changes and feedings and has at least one box of Scottie’s Triple soft 3-ply tissues! The best part is they have so many designs that they effortlessly match our home decor. These days my emotions are all over the place so having soft, durable tissues on hand is key. I know these tissues will come even more in handy when we have our family over to meet him for the first time (talk about an emotional moment!). Let’s just say something tells me we will be reaching for these Scottie’s Tissues over the next few weeks as we navigate becoming parents and all the emotions that come with that!

PREP FOR VISITORS | Since our families aren’t allowed to visit in the hospital, we have been busy prepping our home since that’s where they will be meeting their grandson for the first time. We have made sure to have hand sanitizer, Scottie’s tissues, masks, and snacks on hand for our family! We want to protect our baby while also making our visitors feel comfortable while they’re here! We feel so lucky that our families are mostly close by, so we will be able to get the help we need.SWITCH CLEANING PRODUCTS TO NON-TOXIC ITEMS | Now that we are welcoming a baby into our world, it’s more important than ever to make sure we are making safe decisions in our household when it comes to cleaning products. We are slowly making the switch to non-toxic items in our home and I know it will make a huge difference, especially as he gets older and more mobile!

DO A DEEP CLEAN | Speaking of cleaning, we have been doing a deep clean of each room over the last week or so to make sure everything is fresh and clean once we are home. We know we are going to be exhausted and likely running on little sleep, so coming home to a clean house is one less thing to worry over.

STOCK THE FRIDGE | We have made a giant grocery list that way we can have our refrigerator stocked when we return home from the hospital! Neither one of us are big on “freezer” meals so instead we compiled a list of easy dinner meals that we can whip up quickly that are both healthy and delicious!

This post is sponsored by Scottie’s Tissues. All thoughts are my own. 

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  1. SALLY wrote:

    God bless you both. wishing you the best on this exciting journey!

    Posted 7.10.20 Reply
  2. Rach wrote:

    These are helpful tips! I will definitely keep them in mind for the future!!

    Posted 7.10.20 Reply
  3. these are such great ways to get prepared!! the final countdown is truly on! good luck in the next few weeks, love!

    xx rebecca //

    Posted 7.10.20 Reply
  4. Couldn’t be more excited for you and your fam!! So so soon! Will be sending y’all love!

    Posted 7.10.20 Reply
  5. Lizzie wrote:

    You are ready to go! I love this space and how organized you are!


    Posted 7.10.20 Reply
  6. Stephani wrote:

    Such a beautiful nursery!! Good luck! And soft tissues come in handy for sure!!

    Xo, stephani

    Posted 7.10.20 Reply
  7. Chris Harris wrote:

    Love reading your blog. Everything looks so cute. Can’t wait to meet my great nephew.

    Posted 7.11.20 Reply
  8. Girl you seem so prepared and on top of everything! Can’t wait until little man arrives!

    Posted 7.12.20 Reply
  9. Laura Leigh wrote:

    This is just the sweetest post with the cutest photos. I am so excited for you Emily!

    xo Laura Leigh

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  10. Such an exciting time of life for you Emily! Enjoy every moment of it xo Jaimie

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  11. Anna English wrote:

    I bet this post is super helfpul for all the first time momma’s!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  12. Nailil wrote:

    These are all good ways to get ready. We did a deep clean a few times before our littles arrived. :).

    Xx, Nailil

    Posted 7.14.20 Reply
  13. How exciting! Lotws of great tips for expacrant mamas! xoxo, Sarah

    Posted 7.20.20 Reply

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