What are your Holiday Traditions?

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Now that we have a baby, the holidays feel a lot more magical and I know it’s only going to get better! Even though Noah will only be five months this Christmas we want to start holiday traditions now that he will begin looking forward to each year. There’s always a lot of anticipation about gift giving (and receiving!) for Christmas but ultimately we want Noah to remember the magic of the season and the memories we create as a family year after year. I thought it would be fun to share some of our holiday traditions with you & to hear what yours are too!

our holiday traditions


decorate while listening to Christmas music

I’m team decorate-before-Thanksgiving because I like to enjoy the decorations for as long as I can! Every year when we begin decorating we put on a Christmas playlist full of classic songs to listen to. I sing (not well) along & it really does make decorating feel magical.

new ornament each year

Growing up we got to pick out a new ornament for our tree each year. My brother and I always got so excited to choose a new ornament and years later we love to look at them and laugh at the ones we picked out. Nick and I have continued this tradition for the past five years. This year it’s even more special because we added a few sentimental ornaments for Noah on the tree. I ordered this ornament with all of his birth stats, made an ornament with the hat & bracelet he wore in the hospital & made clay imprints of his hand and foot! I’m so excited to carry on this tradition with Noah in the years to come.

matching family pajamas

This year we started the tradition of matching family pajamas! We purchased our family PJs from Hanna Andersson this year and they’re so comfortable and festive! I like that the brand has the same classic styles year after year so you can continue the tradition in the same print as they grow or add another baby to the fam! It took some convincing to get Nick to agree to wear them too, but I know it’ll be something we love looking back on over the years.

baking Christmas cookies

A few years ago we got Nick’s grandmother’s recipe for sugar cookies and made an evening of baking and decorating cookies. We had the best time and it really got us into the Christmas spirit, so it’s a tradition we have continued every year since. Last year we made Rudolph Peanut Butter cookies and this year we made Gingerbread Cookies!

have a christmas movie night, complete with hot chocolate

Each year we write out a list of Christmas movies we want to watch. At least one night during the holiday season we cuddle up with blankets and homemade hot chocolate and watch a few Christmas movies! A few of our favorite movies to watch is Klaus, A Christmas Carol, The Holiday and Miracle on 34th Street.

watch It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve

It’s a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite classic Christmas movies. Each year on Christmas Eve we cuddle up on the couch and watch it with just the Christmas Tree lights on. It’s a great movie with a sweet message.

go see Christmas lights

There are so many neighborhoods in our area that go all out with Christmas lights, so we love taking a drive to see them each year. The sunset hills neighborhood does balls in their trees and it’s gotten bigger each year. It’s really magical to see!

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  1. Awww so cute! We don’t have a whole lot of Christmas traditions honestly! I do want to bake Christmas cookies this year though and go look at Christmas lights! Xx.

    Posted 12.16.20 Reply
  2. Lizzie wrote:

    Aw I love these! We have a lot of similar ones. We decorate with Christmas music, go see lights and pick out aa new ornament each year!


    Posted 12.16.20 Reply
  3. Rach wrote:

    These are fun Christmas traditions! My family and I decided the first weekend of Dec baking Christmas cookies nonstop!


    Posted 12.16.20 Reply
  4. Emely wrote:

    I am all about listening to Christmas music and decorating. We get a new Tiffany & Co ornament ever year.

    Posted 12.16.20 Reply
  5. These are such great traditions! Some of them we do too. My favorite one is that my dad always makes a scavenger hunt for us around the house to find the very last present on Christmas day.

    Posted 12.16.20 Reply
  6. Traditions are what makes family bonds stronger. You have some great holiday traditions.

    ❥ tanvii.com

    Posted 12.16.20 Reply
  7. Stephanie wrote:

    I grew up in a family where traditions were really important and special, so when I got married, I knew I wanted to create new traditions with my husband while still maintaining some of my childhood favorites. My top choices from growing up were giving gifts from fictional characters or famous personalities (like To: Brandon, From: The Grinch). My mom and I always try to get REALLY creative and think of obscure festive characters or people related to the gift we’re giving. Now I also love that my hubs and I stay up til midnight on Christmas Eve to exchange a gift while watching a holiday film. Clearly, I have lots of good ones to choose from because I could just keep going hehe. I love the ones you have too!

    Posted 12.16.20 Reply
  8. Love seeing how people celebrate the holidays differently or share similar traditions. These are some great ones. xoxo, Sarah

    Posted 12.17.20 Reply
  9. These are such great holiday traditions. We only do family cooking as a family tradition of the sorts. Maybe we can pick up a tradition starting this year!

    Posted 12.17.20 Reply

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