My Recent Amazon Orders

I think we can all agree that Amazon is convenient… sometimes maybe even *too* convenient! Amazon has always been my go-to for convenience, but it’s been a total saving grace since having Noah. It’s nice to have things like coffee, diapers, and wipes on a subscription service through them and not have to think about it! I always love seeing the items people find and order on Amazon, so today I’m sharing my last few month’s of Amazon orders! Let’s be real, it’s random, but there are so many great products here. I would love to hear what you have ordered recently from Amazon.

recent amazon orders

my recent amazon orders

  1. NESPRESSO CITIZ MACHINE | Our Nespresso was having some issues and had to be sent back for repairs recently. It’s an older machine and I couldn’t stand the thought of being without it for 2+ weeks, so I ordered this new machine! I love the connected milk frother, too! The only downside is the cord is quite big and bulky.
  2. PHONE CASE | This phone case is inexpensive and has a great silicone grip! It comes in so many colors.
  3. MUSHIE STACKING CUPS | We got these for Noah recently and he loves them. If you’re looking for something simple to keep your child entertained, grab these! They have holes in the bottom of them so they can be used in the bath tub as well.
  4. LEOPARD HEADBAND | This leopard print headband is under $10. Perfect for days when you want to look a little put together but your hair is a mess (aka most days for me!)
  5. FLORAL BALLOON SLEEVE TOP | I ordered this top a few months ago and it’s such a good find! It’s beautiful in person and under $30. It also comes in 4 other prints as well.
  6. SOPHIE THE GIRAFFE TEETHER | Our original Sophie teether got chewed up by Avett (ugh!) so I immediately ordered a new one. I know the original Sophie is popular, but it’s had a lot of reports of mold inside of it due to the hole on the bottom, so I *much* prefer this one as it doesn’t have a hole for water/drool/etc. to get into! Plus, it’s perfect for him to hold and to use for teething.
  7. THE EX TALK BY RACHEL LYNN SOLOMON | This is the book I chose for my virtual book club for February! If you’re looking for a cute enemies to lovers romance to read this month – this one is cute!
  8. ACRYLIC FRAME | This frame comes in quite a few sizes and I love the simple look of it. I plan on putting a few of these in my office.
  9. RTIC TRAVEL COFFEE MUG | I have mentioned this mug a few times and for good reason! I love that this coffee mug is 16oz and that it fits in my car’s cup holders. I love my Yeti coffee mug, but it doesn’t fit so I can never take it on the go.
  10. WEEKLY NOTEPAD | I’m big on to-do lists and love writing down all the things I need to accomplish. This colorful list helps keep me organized. The brand also has a ton of weekly, monthly & menu planners.
  11. ELECTRIC NAIL TRIMMER | If you have a baby, buy this immediately! I follow Karrie Locher on IG and immediately ordered this about 4 months ago. It’s the easiest way to trim Noah’s nails. It’s gentle and he doesn’t mind it one bit! I even use it on my nails sometimes.
  12. ALBANESE GUMMY BEARS | Move over Hairibo, these gummy bears are *the* best!
  13. BABY LEGGINGS | I have had the hardest time finding pants for Noah that aren’t big or baggy. These leggings come in 10+ colors and fit him so well. I originally bought the black, but just ordered a few more colors too.
  14. FLORAL DRESS | How pretty is this dress? I love that it could easily be worn with booties now and with sandals come spring.
  15. EZPZ TINY CUP | This cup is sooo tiny and it makes me laugh every time. This was suggested as baby’s first cup and Noah has done so well using it for drinking water now that he’s 6 months old.
  16. HUGGIES DIAPERS | Huggies are our favorite diaper brand and we always stock up on them on Amazon since we have a diaper discount for the first year.
  17. FLY AWAY TAMER | Who knew this would be something I needed, but 6 months postpartum and my hair loss is crazy, meaning baby hairs and fly aways 24/7! I love this product for taming them a little bit.
  18. BABY SELF-FEEDING BOOK | This book is phenomenal when it comes to diving into feeding baby. After some research we knew we wanted to do a mix of purees and baby-led weaning as there are developmental benefits to both. This book supports that and really provides great insight into first foods, how to prepare them & more.

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  1. These all look like great finds! I’ve thought about getting us a Nespresso, we have a Keurig right now with the milk frother built in, but I’ve heard so many good things about the Nespresso. Might need to try it! Xx.

    Posted 2.10.21 Reply
  2. Such great finds! Love that dress!

    xx Chelsea

    Posted 2.10.21 Reply
  3. legalleeblondeblog wrote:

    Great finds! I love the acryllic frame!!

    Posted 2.10.21 Reply
  4. Rach wrote:

    I’m always writing to-do list and I love that weekly notepad you found!

    Posted 2.10.21 Reply
  5. Always fun to see what everyone is scouting on Amazon. I just added that book to my library wishlist.


    Posted 2.10.21 Reply
  6. Stephanie wrote:

    Talk about some seriously excellent Amazon finds. I haven’t done much ordering for fun lately – mostly just out of necessity, but you’re making me want to grab some goodies soon!

    Posted 2.11.21 Reply
  7. I practically live on Amazon, especially since the pandemic hit. I get all of my essentials (including pantry staples), and more recently been shopping furniture and home decor. xoxo, Sarah

    Posted 2.11.21 Reply
  8. Anna English wrote:

    Oh I definitely need that weekly notepad to stay organized!

    Posted 2.11.21 Reply
  9. Amanda wrote:

    Haha, my Amazon orders are always filled with the most random items! Will definitely have to check out the book!

    Posted 2.12.21 Reply

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