The Seven Books I Read in March

March was an all around good reading month! I read seven books, five of which were read on my Kindle, one physical book and one audiobook! Lately I have been reaching for my kindle paper white more often because it’s just *so* convenient, especially with a baby! I love that I can easily toss it in the diaper bag or read one handed! If you’re looking for a good book to read this month I suggest picking up Life’s Too Short (contemporary romance) or The Good Sister (suspense). I flew through both of them and while they’re differing genres, each one was really engaging and quick to read!

As always, you can see my latest reads on my bookstagram account @enw_reads (I share ALL things books there!) and on my Amazon Shop page! If you have any book recs, send them my way! I would love to hear what you have read recently in the comments. Thanks for stopping by!

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE by Carola Lovering | Too Good to Be True follows Skye, Heather and Burke all at different times in their lives. Skye has recently married Burke. Everything is perfect — and seems too good to be true — which she soon realizes it is. Burke isn’t exactly who he claims to be and the truth is accidentally revealed to Skye leaving her with many questions. We soon learn of the life Burke led 30 years prior and are introduced to Heather, who has her own tangled past. They’re all connected, but how? And where does the truth lie in this tangled web? review: If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is! And this book proves just that in the tangled web of Skye, Burke and Heather! This domestic drama has everything I was looking for in a book – a twisted love story, big secrets, and a lot to lose. The three perspectives in this book worked so well and really lent to telling this story in a fast paced way. I also really liked the addition of the journal entries, they always kept me guessing! The twists are well placed and quite surprising in this domestic suspense novel! If you were a fan of The Wife Between Us, I think you’ll enjoy this one. rating: 4 out of 5 ⭐️

EVERY VOW YOU BREAK by Peter Swanson | Abigail Baskin never thought she’d fall in love with a millionaire. Then she met Bruce Lamb. He’s a good guy, stable, level-headed, kind—a refreshing twist from her previous relationships.But right before the wedding, Abigail has a drunken one-night stand on her bachelorette weekend. She puts the incident—and the sexy guy who wouldn’t give her his real name—out of her mind. When the mysterious stranger reappears, Abigail’s future is suddenly turned upside down. Does she tell Bruce and ruin their marriage? Or should she handle this psychopathic stalker on her own? review: I have been a long time fan of Peter Swanson and recommend The Kind Worth Killing often, however, his latest novel is a complete miss for me! This author has always had a way with captivating you from the very start of his books, but this one didn’t hook me at any point in the book. This book felt a bit disjointed, had unexplained holes in the plot and honestly didn’t feel like his work at all. The first half of the book was really slow, had a lot of character building and felt repetitive. The second half was far fetched and implausible, making it hard to finish. I kept reading, hoping that something would change my mind and it would turn into a page turner like his other books, but sadly that never happened. Unfortunately this isn’t a book I would recommend. rating: 2 out of 5 ⭐️

WHO IS MAUD DIXON? by Alexandra Andrews | Florence Darrow is a small-town girl who believes that she’s destined to become a writer but ends up in a bit of trouble trying to get to the top. When she stumbles into the opportunity to become the assistant to “Maud Dixon,” an elusive author whose identity (Helen Wilcox) is a secret to the rest of the world, she believes that this might be the fresh start she needs. The arrangement feels idyllic; Helen (Maud) can be prickly, but she is full of wisdom. She even invites Florence along on a research trip to Morocco, where her new novel is set. But when Florence wakes up in the hospital after a terrible car crash she’s left with a lot of questions and isn’t sure who will be able to provide her the answers she desperately needs. review: This debut cat-and-mouse novel was fantastic and totally blew me away! The premise was great, the characters were well developed and the description of Morocco absolutely transported me there! Both Florence and Maud are deeply flawed characters and I quickly became engrossed in both of their lives. While this is a bit of a slow burn with an explosive second half, I couldn’t stop turning the pages to find out more. I hesitate to say anymore because I don’t want to spoil anything, so just go ahead and add this book to your list! I promise, it’s a good one! rating: 4 out of 5 ⭐️

LIFE’S TOO SHORT by Abby Jimenez | Vanessa lives life on her own terms — one day at a time, every day to its fullest. She isn’t willing to waste a moment or miss out on an experience when she may have the same fatal genetic condition as her mother. Besides, she has way too much to do, traveling the globe and showing her millions of YouTube followers the joy in seizing every moment. But after her half-sister suddenly leaves Vanessa in custody of her infant daughter, she is housebound, on mom duty for the foreseeable future, and feeling totally out of her element. The last person she expects to show up offering help is the unbelievably hot lawyer who lives next door, Adrian Copeland. After all, she barely knows him. But as they get closer, Vanessa realizes that her carefree ways and his need for a structured plan could never be compatible for the long term. Then again, she should know better than anyone that life’s too short to fear taking the biggest risk of all. review: Abby Jimenez has quickly become an auto-buy author for me when it comes to contemporary romance novels. She has a great writing style and her witty sense of humor comes across on every page! She truly has a way of making you tear up and laugh out loud at the same time. Out of her three books, I think this one *may* be my favorite. The characters are so authentic, lovable and I found myself rooting for them the entire time. The author does a great job of incorporating mental health and the topic of ALS in an informative, emotional and heartbreaking way. I can’t recommend this book enough! rating: 4 out of 5 ⭐️

THE DROWNING KIND by Jennifer McMahon | When social worker Jax receives nine missed calls from her older sister, Lexie, she assumes that it’s just another one of her sister’s episodes. Manic and increasingly out of touch with reality, Lexie has pushed Jax away for over a year. But the next day, Lexie is dead: drowned in the pool at their grandmother’s estate. When Jax arrives at the house to go through her sister’s things, she learns that Lexie was researching the history of their family and the property. And as she dives deeper into the research herself, she discovers that the land holds a far darker past than she could have ever imagined. In 1929, 37 year old newlywed Ethel Monroe hopes desperately for a baby. In an effort to distract her, her husband whisks her away on a trip to Brandenburg Springs in Vermont. Once there, Ethel learns that the water is rumored to grant wishes, never suspecting that the spring takes in equal measure to what it gives. review: Last year I read my first book by Jennifer McMahon, The Invited, and I absolutely loved it. I added this one to my list as soon as I saw it was coming out! This author does a great job writing an atmospheric paranormal book and the plot line of this one was really intriguing. The dual timelines of this book were fascinating and I loved seeing how the two stories converged over time. This book definitely requires you to suspend belief in order to read it, but if you like a creepy mystery with a bit of supernatural aspects, be sure to grab this one. The ending was so surprising to me, so much so that I had to read the last few pages again! rating: 3.5 out of 5 ⭐️

THE GOOD SISTER by Sally Hepworth | From the outside, everyone might think Fern and Rose are as close as twin sisters can be: Rose is the responsible one and Fern is the quirky one. But the sisters are devoted to one another and Rose has always been Fern’s protector from the time they were small. Years ago, Fern did something very, very bad. And Rose has never told a soul. When Fern decides to help her sister achieve her heart’s desire of having a baby, Rose realizes with growing horror that Fern might make choices that can only have a terrible outcome. What Rose doesn’t realize is that Fern is growing more and more aware of the secrets Rose, herself, is keeping. And that their mother might have the last word after all. review: This book is part suspense, part family drama and it ended up being so much more than I expected. After reading The Mother-in-Law last year, I was expecting this to be more family drama focused, and while it was, there was a lot of suspense and twists involved in this book, too. I really loved that this book focused on the relationship between two sisters and how oftentimes it can be tumultuous. The dynamic between Rose and Fern was intriguing and I found myself flying through this book because I couldn’t get enough. I liked how they used Rose’s journal entries to tell her side of the story, meanwhile Fern’s perspective focused on her life as a child and growing up. I really liked that the author shed light onto the life of an adult who is on the autistic spectrum, it felt really natural with this plot line and it was well done in this book. Without giving away too much, this story has a lot of depth and was such a fantastic read. rating: 4.5 out of 5 ⭐️

THE PROPHETS by Robert Jones Jr. | Isaiah was Samuel’s and Samuel was Isaiah’s. That was the way it was since the beginning, and the way it was to be until the end. In the barn they tended to the animals, but also to each other, transforming the hollowed-out shed into a place of human refuge, a source of intimacy and hope in a world ruled by vicious masters. But when an older man—a fellow slave—seeks to gain favor by preaching the master’s gospel on the plantation, the enslaved begin to turn on their own. Isaiah and Samuel’s love, which was once so simple, is seen as sinful and a clear danger to the plantation’s harmony. review: This book is absolutely remarkable and beautifully written. This is one of those books that will stay with me for a long, long time. As a white person, this book was really difficult to read, but it’s a book that was necessary to understand the history of Black people even further. It took me a few months to finish this book because it was heavy, filled with derogatory slurs, and objectivity towards Black people but I am so glad I read it. I really loved the many messages in this book, but in particular, the power of love and the idea of inner strength and to never give up. I do feel like at times I lacked biblical knowledge in order to understand some of the symbolism within the book, but it was a beautiful read nonetheless. rating: 4 out of 5 ⭐️

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  1. These all seem like great books! I need to step up my reading game, I feel like I’ve put it on the back burner lately since I’ve been so busy but I love getting to sit down and read a good book! Xx.

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  2. Stephanie wrote:

    I’m very VERY excited for Life’s Too Short. I loved the first two books in the series so much and I can’t wait for this story. I was able to attend Abby’s launch event last night with Emily Henry and it was so much fun learning more about the book and her writing process 🙂

    Posted 4.8.21 Reply
  3. Some of these seem like solid reads. The Good Sister sounds especially interesting! xoxo, Sarah

    Posted 4.8.21 Reply
  4. Lizzie wrote:

    These all sound so amazing! Will have to put a few of these on my spring reading lost!


    Posted 4.8.21 Reply
  5. Amanda G wrote:

    I just received The Good Sister and can’t wait to dive in. So glad you enjoyed it!

    Posted 4.12.21 Reply
  6. Maureen wrote:

    Great review! I just got Too Good To Be True. I cannot wait to dive in.

    Maureen |

    Posted 4.22.21 Reply

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