Our favorite feeding & teething products for Noah

Let’s face it, parenting can be really overwhelming at times. You’re always wanting the best for your child, while having to make *so* many decisions at the same time. Introducing food and starting solids was something that I found to be really overwhelming at first. After Noah’s four month appointment back in November we got the go ahead to begin introducing oatmeals and purees. Seemed simple enough right? Well everyone seems to have an opinion on how to introduce food to babies. Do we start with purees? Do we go straight to baby led weaning? After doing some research we decided to do a mix of both as there are developmental benefits to introducing purees and real food. That’s what worked best for us and our family!

Now, five months later, Noah is such a good eater and loves trying new foods. Nick and I both love cooking and it’s been so fun to introduce our favorite foods to Noah and see his reaction! I’m really looking forward to meal times as a family when he gets a bit older. At almost ten months old Noah is getting 2-3 meals a day and a few snacks in addition to his bottles. Since we have been eating solids for almost six months now, I thought I would share our favorite products that we use on a daily or weekly basis.

p.s. I am also sharing our favorite teething items at the bottom of this post too as I’ve had some requests for that too!

favorite feeding and teething products

*crying because he looks sooo tiny in some of these photos!*


favorite feeding items 

  1. OXO TOT SPROUT HIGH CHAIR | this is the high chair we went with and so far we have been very pleased with it! I really like the design, it’s easy to clean & Noah is very comfortable in it. This high chair can grow with your child, so this is something he can be in until he’s five or six years old.
  2. BELLA TUNNO SILICONE BIBS | Cloth bibs were fine in the beginning, but silicone bibs are far easier when it comes to messy eating! We love the Bella Tunno brand because of their mission to end childhood hunger. For every product purchased they provide one meal to a child in need. Plus, the sayings on their bibs are too cute.
  3. NUK LEARNING CUP | This was the first cup that we introduced to Noah. We started with the sippy cup for water around 4 months old. While we don’t use a sip cup often now, this one is great because it has handles and it’s spill-proof.
  4. INGLESINA FAST TABLE CHAIR | We registered for this on-the-go high chair and I’m really glad we did. This works great at restaurants or when you’re going to someone’s home who doesn’t have a high chair. It can connect to any flat surface, like an island, a table, etc. You can also purchase a tray for it as well.
  5. BEABA SPOONS | After trying quite a few different spoons, these are the ones we settled on! They are silicone and BPA free. Noah loves grabbing these and feeding himself.
  6. MUNCHKIN 360 CUP | We got this cup a few months ago and while it was a bit more difficult to learn at first, now we love it! He can sip out of any part of the top and it comes with a lid to seal it once they’re done. My only complaint is that Noah wants to hold it all on his own sometimes, which can create quite the mess when he tips it too far haha!
  7. SILICONE PLATE | We use these divider silicone plates all the time for dinner. It’s so easy to suction onto the high chair and to divide up different pieces of food for him.
  8. ON THE GO FORMULA POUCH | I recently got this formula pouch and it’s so convenient for when we’re out and about and he will need a bottle. I had been using another container but this one is slim so it barely takes up any room in the diaper bag.
  9. TINY TWINKLE APRON BIB | When it comes to eating, babies are MESSY. I really like these long apron style bibs for when we feed him more messy foods. I also appreciate how easy they are to clean and wipe down, too.
  10. BABY SELF-FEEDING BOOK | When it came time to introduce food to Noah I was a little overwhelmed. Purees or baby led weaning? 4 months or 6 months? I got this book from my friend Ashley and it really put my mind at ease! It supported the developmental benefits of both and it was a nice guide on how to introduce foods. We also use Solid Starts almost every single day – their guides and library on their site are pure GOLD.
  11. SILICONE SUCTION BOWL | We have a few different silicone suction bowls, but I love that this one comes with a spoon and lid. The suction on this bowl is really good, so I always bring it with us when we’re eating out so he can’t knock it off the table!
  12. STASHER BAGS | We love Stasher bags for household items, but they’re particularly great for bringing snacks with us on the go! I love that they come in different sizes, don’t take up a lot of space in the diaper bag and can be thrown in the dishwasher afterwards.
  13. BUMKINS LONG SLEEVE BIB | This long sleeve bib is a complete game changer when it comes to feeding Noah! At first I thought it was so silly… until he messed up an outfit from eating. Now if I don’t want to undress or change him I put on this long sleeve bib. It helps preserve his clothes and keeps the mess at bay!
  14. EZPZ TINY TRAINING CUP | This cup was designed by a pediatric specialist, so it’s a great cup for babies to learn how to drink. This one has taken quite a lot of practice, but now he can hold it and sip out of it really well! He also can easily drink water from adult glasses too thanks to this cup.
  15. EZPZ TINY BOWL PLACEMAT | This is another feeding item we love for the home or when on the go. It’s silicone and suctions to almost any surface, is dishwasher safe and comes with its own travel bag.

favorite teething products

1.CHEW CUBE | 2. WELLEMENTS ORGANIC TOOTH OIL – this works wonders! | 3. BELLA TUNNO TEETHER | 4. SILICONE FEEDING TEETHER | 5. NUBY TEETH-EEZ TOY | 6. MOONJAX TEETHER – worth the hype, it’s easy for him to hold and use | 7. SOPHIE THE GIRAFFE TEETHER – we like this better than the original Sophie because it doesn’t have a hole in it to allow mold to get in! | 8. TEETHING TUBES | 9. BANANA TOOTHBRUSH – we use as a teether & first toothbrush! | 10. CAMILIA TEETHING RELIEF DROPS – these works well in a pinch, especially if we don’t want to give Tylenol or Motrin | 11. LOULOU LOLLIPOP WOODEN TEETHING RING | 12. NUBY KEY TEETHERS |

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