Our Favorite Baby Products (6-12 months)

In two weeks we will officially have a one year old and I truly can’t believe it! These past few months have flown by and it’s been so fun to see Noah grow and develop more and more each day. He is growing into the most precious little boy – so curious, silly, and sweet beyond words. Since we’re coming up on Noah’s birthday I wanted to share the toys and products we have been loving for the past six months! From cups and bath toys to developmental toys, I’m sharing all the details on our favorite baby products from 6-12 months today! You can check out these posts of our favorite 0-3 month products and our favorite teething and feeding products too!

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Favorite baby products 6-12 months old

  1. FAT BRAIN TOBBLES STACKABLE TOY | These tobbles can be stacked in many ways and are great for sensory development. Noah loves when we spin them on our playmat – he giggles like crazy! This is definitely a toy that he will enjoy for years to come.
  2. SKIP HOP 3-IN-1 ACTIVITY CENTER | We started using this activity center right around six months and we still use it almost every day! He really likes being able to spin around and play with the different toys. Once he is too old for the seat, it can transition to a table! I love that it will grow with him over time.
  3. FAT BRAIN DIMPL TOY | We have a few of these because Noah loves this toy so much! He really started liking this toy around 8 months old. He loves to push and pop the bubbles, which is great for cause-and-effect development.
  4. THINKBABY SUNSCREEN | After doing a lot of research, we decided to go with Think Baby sunscreen for Noah. It has a good EWG score! We put it on him with a beauty blender and it blends so well and he thinks it’s funny!
  5. MUNCHKIN SPILLPROOF STRAW CUP | We have been loving these cups for a few months now. I *think* this is the cup we plan on using to start transitioning to cow’s milk soon! I love that it’s light and spill proof.
  6. PLUSH PULL BACK CARS | These have been a recent favorite! He loves to pull these cars back and let them go! We play with them numerous times a day. They even come with a cute bag for travel that doubles as a street for the cars.
  7. OCTOPUS BATH TOY | This is Noah’s preferred bath toy! I like it because there are no holes (so no mold can grow inside of it). Noah loves to play with it and it also works as a teether for when he’s teething too ha!
  8. BOON SILICONE FEEDER | Speaking of teething… we love using these silicone feeders when he’s teething. I like to put frozen fruit (bananas, strawberries, mangoes, etc.) in it for him. It provides some entertainment and relief on his gums.
  9. V-TECH STROLL & RIDE WALKER | I never thought I would have toys like this, but here we are! Noah LOVES this toy.It really helped him learn to stand and cruise. Now that he’s cruising more we have to be careful since it’s a lightweight walker and can tip over, but it’s been great.
  10. JELLYCAT BUNNY | We introduced Noah to a “lovey” around 10 months and it’s the cutest thing. He loves this bunny and always cuddles with it in is crib.
  11. COCO VILLAGE WALKER | My parents got Noah this walker for Christmas and it’s fantastic! We used it to hold his stuffed animals until he was ready to use it (which was adorable!) and now he cruises all over the house with this walker. It’s really sturdy, so I never worry about it toppling over.
  12. HAPPY BABY ORGANICS POUCHES | While we do baby led weaning and do mostly solids, we do use pouches when we’re on the go or when I need to make sure he’s getting all of his nutritional needs. We really like the Happy Baby organics brand – they have different pouches for different ages and stages.
  13. BOARD BOOKS | We read to Noah all the time! He loves flipping the pages and really enjoys when we animate and act extra silly when reading to him! Our current favorites are the Llama Llama books, Sheep series & Sandra Boynton books.
  14. LOVEVERY PLAY KITS | I cannot say enough great things about the Lovevery play kits! We have been getting them since he was born and they are truly the best toys for stage based learning. Each box includes toys that are designed to help them develop in the stage they’re in, along with a guide on how to introduce the toys and ideas for how to play with your baby at their age. These toys keep him entertained far longer than any toys and they are such high quality that I know we will be able to save these for future babies.
  15. MUSHIE STACKING CUPS | Noah enjoys stacking these cups and toppling them over! They have holes in the bottom of them, so they’re also great to use in the bath tub, too.
  16. ABC SPLASH PAD | We recently got this splash pad for Noah and it’s been a great way to play outside during the summer and beat the heat! He is so entertained by this splash pad and we love that it can have the sprinklers on or off and that it only allows a small amount of water in the bottom!

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  1. Lovely wrote:

    Such cute picks! I’m sure that splash pad is so fun! Noah is adorable!

    Posted 7.8.21 Reply
  2. Stephanie wrote:

    I always appreciate your posts like this because I have a friend who had her first child around the same time you had Noah. So I’m always inspired by what you share because I could give her little one these toys!

    Posted 7.8.21 Reply

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