First & Second Trimester Essentials for Pregnancy #2

To say this pregnancy has flown by so far would be an understatement! As I’m typing this I am 30 weeks pregnant, which means I’m over 2/3 of the way through this pregnancy and into my third trimester. I had a few people ask me what my first and second trimester essentials were, so I thought I would round them up here! This pregnancy has been similar and different than my pregnancy with Noah, so some of these items may look familiar from this post about my favorite pregnancy buys! But, there are a few new things that I added in this time due to certain symptoms I had from this pregnancy!

first trimester second trimester pregnancy essentials

PRENATAL VITAMINS | I have been using Women’s One-a-Day for a long time, so when it came to taking prenatal vitamins I continued with the same brand. These have worked really well for me and I have never felt nauseous after taking them! I figured why mess with what works, you know?! This time around I switched from gummies to the regular pills + choline.

NAUSEA CHEWS | During my first trimester (and occasionally in the second trimester) I had waves of nausea. Sometimes it would last a few hours other times it ebbed and flowed all day. Out of desperation I grabbed these one day while at Target and found they actually helped me!

BURT’S BEES MAMA BUTTER & BODY OIL | This thick, moisturizing butter paired with the oil is great for keeping your skin (belly, thighs, etc.) feeling hydrated as those areas stretch to accommodate baby! I really like using this belly butter at night so it can soak in overnight! I was able to avoid stretch marks last time and I’m crossing my fingers its the same for this time too!

SPANX MATERNITY FAUX LEATHER LEGGINGS | Since I have been pregnant during the fall and winter I knew I wanted to have a few pair of jeans and a few pair of leggings to wear. I found a pair of the Spanx Maternity Faux Leather leggings on Poshmark for $40 and scooped them up! I like that I still feel put together even when wearing leggings.

STANLEY CUP | I drink so much water during the day that I love having my 40 oz. tumbler so I don’t have to refill as often! I even grabbed the 30 oz. tumbler with a handle for work!

RAEL ORGANIC LINERS | IYKYK. I always have a few of these in my bag in case I need them!

OVIA APP | I have used this app every single day since becoming pregnant. There are SO many apps out there but I found this one to have the best features & the most informative. I love the weekly updates (and seeing the little hands/feet growing with each week) and the articles that they post. The app has food safety and medication safety lookup. I found that really helpful, especially in the first trimester when I couldn’t remember what was “ok” to eat/take! Now I’m really loving the kick counter portion of the app. I can easily document baby’s movements and track it for when I see the doctor! I will definitely be re-downloading the Ovia Parenting app soon!

JOCKEY BRALETTE | No time for wires, y’all! I have been living in wireless bralettes these days and I don’t hate it one bit! These are so comfortable and have worked well with growing, sore breasts! I sized up to a medium and they have felt comfortable up to this point! I also love that they are seamless so I’m able to wear them with any type of shirt.

HEATING PAD | I have had a lot of aches this pregnancy and have been reaching for my heating pad (on a low setting!) quite a bit!

EPSOM SALTS | There is nothing more relaxing than a bath when you are experiencing some aches and pains. I love sprinkling in some epsom salts to my bath to help ease my muscles!

PELOTON BIKE & PELOTON APP | I absolutely love my Peloton Bike and the classes offered within the Peloton app! It has been a game changer in helping me get in quick workouts, stay consistent, and feel more like myself! Sure, I can’t keep up quite like I used to, but I really do love that I can still get in a good, safe workout this pregnancy – whether it’s hopping on the bike, doing a prenatal yoga workout, or doing some arms & light weights! They have an entire collection of pregnancy safe workouts.

PREGNANCY PILLOW | I got this pregnancy pillow during my last pregnancy and busted it out around 23 weeks this time! I love that this one has a portion that can come unzipped, so you can really conform it how you want! Since I’ve had pelvic pressure and pain, I have used this pillow nonstop between my legs to help with it!

TUMS NATURALS | I have had a lot of acid reflux and heartburn again so I make sure that I have Tums on me at all times! I haven’t been able to pinpoint a specific food that causes it (sometimes it’s the act of drinking water!) so I prefer to always have these available should I need them. I prefer the Tums Naturals because they don’t have any artificial flavors and don’t taste as gross!

SOMA PAJAMAS | I got my first pair of Soma pajamas during my first pregnancy and I am still obsessed! I have a few pair of the “cool nights” pajamas and love them. Yes, they’re a bit pricey, but they are so comfortable and wear so well over time. I *lived* in them during the last few weeks pregnant and postpartum last time!

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