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The 4 Books I Read in October

This month was quite busy so I didn’t get as much reading in as I wanted to but I still managed to read four books. I’m hoping to squeeze in a few more books over November and December to round…

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16 Spooky Books to Read in October

It’s officially spooky season! With a little over two weeks until Halloween I am doing my best to get into the holiday spirit by watching a few spooky shows & reading a few spooky books! I always love reading atmospheric…

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The 6 Books I Read in September

This month the weather started to cool down, it started to get darker earlier and I found myself reaching for books more and more! I spent many weekend afternoons out on the porch reading a good book – gosh I…

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The 7 Books I Read in August

August ended up being a really great reading month for me! I ended up reading seven books this month, including some highly anticipated releases like The Night Swim and The Heir Affair! The two books are really different, but I…

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The Five Books I Read in July 2020

How was everyone’s July? I found that I was a bit preoccupied and had a hard time focusing on reading this month! We were busy tying up loose ends and waiting on the arrival of our sweet little one that…

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The 7 Books I Read in June 2020

How was everyone’s June? In terms of reading mine was pretty good! I read some really great books this month. We spent a lot of time by the lake, which meant a lot of time spent relaxing and reading! A…

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